Phenomenon of Letting go: Deep self-transformative Creative Experiences of Artists

The experience of letting go is much spoken about and written by many practicing creative professionals, especially artists and performers. Many claim that their best works happened when they were in a state of letting go.

It is an individual experience which is highly personal and repeatable albeit very unpredictable. Artists and designers have stated that the phenomenon of letting go is of great value and import to the level of creative output.

The experience is of transcending nature which may have transformative impact upon the experiencer. These experiences are of very personal nature and are regarded as something akin to self realization. Though these experiences are of such import to the artist or designer, there is no formal knowledgebase about the phenomenon.

As this phenomenon has maximum impact on the creative success of the output, the research aims at getting a complete understanding of the quality and causal factors of the experience as well as the method and factors which facilitate the self achievement of this experience.